Daily Caller: Poll Shows Nation Divided Between America First And Blame America First [VIDEO]

Despite the real possibilities of alienating paying customers, the NFL, Starbucks, Target, Chick Fil-A and a host of entertainers continue choosing sides in an escalating culture war centering on America’s past and future. As a new poll documents, citizens increasingly fear expressing their love of country or expressing their political views, for instance by wearing a Make America Great Again cap.

George Barna, executive director of the American Culture and Faith Institute, recently released a patriotism poll documenting a surprising degree of polarization and politicization of Americans after the first year of President Donald Trump’s governance. Different world views, values and even meanings of words fragment the citizenry.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/16/poll-sho...

Coughlin: Patriotism is under attack

Patriotism, a national pride in America, is under attack and with it our Constitution and the rights it was designed to protect. Central to the attack on our national identity is the negation of “rights endowed by the creator” and its replacement with “privileges granted by the state." 

American patriotism is about fidelity to a nation formed around the protection of rights endowed by the Creator. From the beginning, therefore, it has always been about God and country. It is a healthy patriotism because it is sincere; it takes from no one and offers everyone. When Americans think of nationalism, they think this. European nationalism is organized around “rights” understood as privileges granted by the state. As such, it is antithetical to the American. It is through the skillful crafting of narratives that redefine our patriotism in European nationalist dress that enables the left to sustain attacks on American identity and American concepts of rights in furtherance of the destruction of one and the replacement of the other.

It is in this context that we should understand the Anti-Fa chants that seek the destruction of America when calling for the “stamping out of racism, fascism and nationalism.” Of course, in doing so, the Constitution is positioned alongside the Ku Klux Klan and Nazism. Our patriotism is under attack by sustained hostile narratives that seek its destruction.

Hence, to defend America, we must also defend the language of America.

Stephen Coughlin, Unconstrained Analytics